What is Tricotain?

Tricotain is a highly effective and convenient-to-use treatment shampoo and conditioner designed to prevent hair loss and promote healthier hair growth.

 Clinically developed and backed by the latest scientific research, Tricotain is a complex mixture of powerful anti-oxidants, and free radical scavengers formulated to neutralise and prevent the oxidative stress and destructive action of free radicals that cause hair loss.

 Tricotain maintains the health of hair follicles, reduces inflammation, and ensures your scalp is in optimum condition for new hair growth.

Created for both men and women, Tricotain is the culmination of ground-breaking research into common hair loss causes. This highly effective formula has been meticulously developed and tested by two renowned Trichologists and hair scientists.

Experts in Hair Science

Tony Maleedy MIT MSCS and Eva Proudman FIT IAT, two of the UK’s foremost Trichologists and hair experts, have harnessed their expertise to create Tricotain. Backed by innovative research, Tricotain addresses androgenic hair loss, excessive hair shedding, and autoimmune conditions with a precise balance of active ingredients.

A Journey of Research and Precision

After four years of development, Tricotain has emerged as the ultimate solution for preventing hair loss. Rigorously tested, this formulation delivers effective treatment, ensuring your hair and scalp receive optimal care.

Discover the science behind Tricotain and how it prevents hair loss.