Fostering Scalp Health

Great Hair starts with a Healthy Scalp

Because the scalp is the growing medium for the hair, it must be healthy and free from scale for it to grow at its best, with a well-balanced microbiome. Tricotain contains highly effective antimicrobials to control the scalp’s micro-organisms and clear it of scale, ensuring that the scalp is healthy and in optimum condition for hair growth. Tricotain also contains anti-inflammatories that both calm the scalp tissues and reduce the impact of oxidative stress. Tricotain balances the scalp microbiome and maintains the pH balance to optimise hair growth and health.

Topical Hair Loss Solution Efficacy

Minoxidil and topical Finasteride are leading topical hair loss treatments for androgenic alopecia that are applied daily to the scalp. To be able to offer the best treatment possible, these topical treatments need to be able to penetrate the hair follicle. Tricotain will ensure this by keeping the hair follicles clear and healthy, with penetration maximised to ensure the treatment delivers the best results possible.