Reducing Oxidative Stress

Understanding Tricotain’s Mechanism

The latest scientific research displayes oxidative stress’s critical role in hair loss. This innovative research led to the development of Tricotain.

Diagrams 5 – Damaged Hair Follicle from Oxidative Stress

Similarly to how we protect our skin from damage, Tricotain destroys the free-radical oxygen atoms that damage follicular tissues and have devastating effects on the hair within the follicles.

Diagrams 6 – Impact of Tricotain Shampoo, Neutralising Oxidative Stress within the Hair Follicle

Tricotain is a complex mixture of powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers formulated to neutralise and prevent the oxidative stress and free radicals causing hair loss, allowing the hair to grow as it should. It maintains the health of hair follicles, reduces inflammation, prevents miniaturization, and promotes healthier hair growth.